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Originally posted: 11/1/2002

Last updated: 8/7/2005


Six Flags St. Louis


A red question mark (?) in the timeline signifies uncertainty that the event happened in the year it's listed.  If you have information, please send emails here.

 Six Flags Over Mid-America


·        132 acre park (497 acres) opens on June 5 as the 3rd Six Flags park in Eureka, Missouri (about 30 minutes southwest of St. Louis) at the cost of $55 million dollars.

·        Park opens with six themed sections - Missouri, Spain, England, Illinois, France and USA (these are the “Six Flags” of the park). 

·        Original major rides:

o       The River King Mine Train (Arrow Dynamics Mine Train with 2 different sides/tracks) in France section – one side/track removed in 1988.

o       The Hannibarrels (Intamin Drunken Barrels) in France section – closed in 1997, not removed

o       The Hoo Hoo Log Flume (Arrow Dynamics Log Flume with 2 different sides/tracks) in Spain section.

o       Injun Joe’s Cave (dark ride) in Spain section.

o       Mississippi Adventure (Arrow Dynamics boat ride) in Spain section – removed in 1982.

o       Moon Antique Cars (Arrow Dynamics with 2 sides) in Missouri section.

o       Super Sports Car Ride (Arrow Dynamics with 2 sides) in USA section – removed in 1979.

o       Angle Tangle (crooked fun house) in England section – removed in 1982.

o       Pet-A-Pet (petting zoo) in England section – removed in 1985.

o       Six Flags Railroad with Allenton and St. Louis stations.

o       The Sky-Way (Von Roll) with Illinois and USA stations – removed in 1981.

o       Mule-Go-Round in Illinois section – removed in 1972.

·        The parks’ show venues are: The Palace (in Missouri section), Miss Kitty’s (in England section), Dolphin Arena (in Illinois section), Krofft’s Puppet Theater and Chevy Show (both in USA section).


·        Carousel (1915 PTC Carousel) opens in England section.

·        Tom’s Twister (Chance Rotor) opens in Illinois section.

·        Space Scramble (Eli Bridge Scrambler) opens in USA section.

·        The River King Mine Train name changed to River King Run-Away Mine Train.

·        Mule-Go-Round removed at end of season.

·        Admission is $6.50.  Parking is $1.00.


·        Dodge City (bumper cars) opens in the Illinois section.

·        Mo-Mo The Monster (Eyerly Aircraft Company Monster) opens in the Illinois section – removed in 1994.

·        Angle Tangle name changed to The Funn Family Place.

·        Old Glory Amphitheater (major concert venue) opens in Illinois section.

·        Admission is $6.50.  Parking is $1.00.


·        Various park improvements.

·        Admission is $6.50. 






·        Goodtime Hollow (kiddie area) opens, rides include:

o       Rock Candy Express (Bradley and Kaye Little Dipper kiddie coaster)

o       Last Roundup (kiddie Carousel).

o       Red Baron (Zamperla Red Baron – kiddie bi-plane ride).

o       Fort Funtier (kiddie playground) – removed end of 1984.

o       Happy Hotrods (kiddie spinning car ride) – removed end of 1984.

o       Good Time Hollow Theater (kids show venue) – removed end of 1984.

·        Allenton train station name changed to Old Chicago station.

·        The Funn Family Place name changed to Tiltmore Hotel.

·        Admission is $7.00.

1976 or 1977:

·        Krofft’s Puppet Theater changed to Americana Play House (which year?).


·        Screamin’ Eagle (John Allen designed, PTC built wooden roller coaster) opens in Illinois section.

·        Admission is $7.50.




·        Highland Fling (Schwarzkopf Enterprise) opens in England section.

·        Admission this year is $8.50.




·        Sky Chuter (Intamin 250ft. tall Parachute Drop) opens in England section – removed in 1982.

·        The Hoo Hoo Log Flume name changed to Nestea Plunge.

·        Tuesday, July 26 – 3 people were killed and 1 seriously injured when sky car fell off of the Sky-Way ride (behind what is now Wok & Roll). 

·        Admission this year is $8.50.

1979 or 1980:

·        Nestea Plunge name changed to Log Flume (which year ?).

·        Dolphin Arena changed to Aquarena (which year ?).


·        Injun Joe’s Cave becomes Time Tunnel.

·        Super Sports Car Ride removed at end of season.

 ·         Admission this year is $8.99.



·        The Buccaneer (Intamin Bounty) opens in USA section.

·        Haunted House added in Illinois section (where Tidal Wave is today).

·        Admission is $9.75.



1981 or 1982:

·        The Space Scramble name changed to The Scrambler, which year ?

·        Ball Crawl added in Goodtime Hollow, which year ?


·        Jet Scream (Schwarzkopf Looping Star roller coaster) opens in USA section – removed in 1988.

·        The Sky-Way removed at end of season.

·        Country Fair special event begins.

·        Admission is $10.99.



·        Various park improvements.


·        Thunder River (Intamin Rapids water ride) opens in Illinois section, replaces Mississippi Adventure and Tiltmore Hotel.

·        Aero Flyer (Chance Yo-Yo) opens in England section, replaces Sky Chuter (Sky Chuter moved to Six Flags Great Adventure). 

·        Ferris Wheel (Zamperla Mini Ferris Wheel – kiddie ride) added in Goodtime Hollow. (may have been added in 1984?)

·        Carousel name changed to Grand Ole Carousel. (may have happened in 1984?)

·        Haunted House removed either before or after season?


·        Six Flags signs licensing deal to use Looney Tunes characters at parks.

·        Arrow stand-up cars added to current side of River King Mine Train, some track modifications made and sides’ name is changed from River King Run-Away Mine Train to Rail Blazer.  Rails are painted red on this side.  The normal Mine Train cars return for the 1985 season and the ride is once again named River King Mine Train.

·        The other sides’ name is changed from River King Run-Away Mine Train back to River King Mine Train.

·        Americana Play House changed to Olympic Theater.

·        Happy Hotrods, Fort Funtier and Goodtime Hollow Theater all removed after season.

·        Saturday, July 7 – Woman dies after falling from the Rail Blazer. 


·        Looney Tunes Town (kiddie area) opens, replacing Goodtime Hollow, rides include:

o       Acme Gravity Powered Roller Ride (Bradley and Kaye Little Dipper kiddie coaster) was Rock Candy Express

o       Bugs Bunny Burrow (kiddie tunnel crawl) – NEW

o       Cat Climb (kiddie net climb with slide) – NEW

o       Daffy Duck Airways (Zamperla Red Baron – kiddie bi-plane ride) was Red Baron

o       Elmer Fudd Constwuction Company (kiddie sandbox) – NEW

o       Flying Cages (Zamperla Mini Ferris Wheel – kiddie ride) was Ferris Wheel

o       Foghorn Leghorn’s Funasium (kiddie ball crawl with slide) was Ball Crawl?

o       Merry Melodies Go-Round (kiddie Carousel) was Last Roundup, location moved next to Daffy Duck Airways (where Happy Hotrods was located)

o       Porky Pig B-B-B Ball Park (kiddie ball crawl) – NEW

o       Tasmanian Devil Taxi Company (kiddie roller racers/scooters) – NEW

o       Yosemite Sam’s Summit (kiddie ball crawl with summit) – NEW

·        Olympic Theater changed to Looney Tunes Theater.


·        Colossus (Carousel Holland B.V. 180 ft. tall Ferris wheel) replaces Petting Zoo in Missouri section.






·        Rush Street Flyer (Chance Falling Star) opens in Illinois section.

·        Buccaneer name changed to Yankee Clipper.

·        Looney Tunes Theater changed to Bugs Bunny Theater.


·        Scrambler moved to Spain section and renamed El Toro Bravo.

·        The Condor (Huss Condor) opens where Scrambler/El Toro Bravo was in USA section and is removed at end of season.

·        Jet Scream roller coaster removed at the end of the season, moved to Six Flags Astroworld - Viper.

·        One side/track of River King Mine Train, SBNO this year, is removed at the end of the season.

·        Fright Nights Halloween special event begins (numbered I through V, 1988-1992).

·        Admission is $16.00.


·        Ninja (Vekoma Custom MK-1200 roller coaster) opens in USA section, originally operated at Expo ‘86 in Vancouver, Canada.

·        Legends Of The Dark Castle replaces Time Tunnel.

·        Tremors Dance Pavilion (open select nights) opens where Jet Scream was located.

·        Admission is $17.50.


·        Two new kiddie rides in Looney Tunes Town:

o       Speedy Gonzales Speedway (kiddie battery powered jeeps) replaces Elmer Fudd’s Constwuction Company

o       Tasmanian Devil Twister (Zamperla Swing Ride – kiddie swings) opens where Tasmanian Devil Taxi Company was located

o       Tasmanian Devil Taxi Company moved to part of Porky Pig B-B-B Ball Park structure and is renamed Road Runner Rally.

o       Yosemite Sam’s Summit is closed/removed

·        Screamin’ Eagle gets new trains.


·        Tidal Wave (Hopkins Shoot The Chute water ride) opens in Illinois section.

·        Dodge City name changed to Water Street Cab Company.




·        Castaway Kids Jungle Adventure replaces Legends of the Dark Castle. 


·        Missouri section changed to 1904 World’s Fair section.  Part of Illinois section changed to Gateway To The West section.  England section changed to Great Britain section.

·        Flying Cages name changed to Tweety’s Flying Cages.

·         ·        Carrot Club (Looney Tunes Character Buffet) replaces the Tremors Dance Pavilion.

·        Chevy Show changed to Cinema 180. 

·        Fright Nights Halloween special event name changed to Fright Fest.


·        Great Britain section changed to Britannia section.  USA section changed to USA/ Movietown section.

·        Mo-Mo The Monster removed at end of season.

·        Aquarena changed to Sherwood Forest Theater.

·        Bugs Bunny Theater changed to Empire Theater.

·        Cinema 180 (Chevy Show) changed to Sound Stage No. 2.


·        Batman: The Ride (B & M inverted roller coaster) opens where Carrot Club was in Time Warner Studios section which replaces the USA section.

·        France section changed to Choteau’s Market section.

·        Yankee Clipper name changed to Gotham Harbor.

·        Grand Ole Carousel name changed to Enchanted Carousel.

·        Aero Flyer name changed to Dragon’s Wing.

 Six Flags St. Louis


·        25th Anniversary of the park, name changed to Six Flags St. Louis during season.

·        Warner Bros. Backlot section replaces Time Warner Studios.

·        Hannibarrels name changed to Powder Keg.

·        Gotham Harbor name changed to The Joker, Inc.

·        Aero Flyer/Dragon's Wing moved to former Mo-Mo The Monster location in Illinois section and renamed Riverview Racer.

·        Dragon’s Wing (ThrillTime Skycoaster extra charge attraction) opens where Aero Flyer was in Britannia section.


·        Mr. Freeze (Premier LIM roller coaster) is built, but fails to open due to technical problems (mostly with LIM's) in DC Comics Plaza which replaces the Spain section.

·        El Toro Bravo name changed to Shazam!

·        Castaway Kids Jungle Adventure name changed to Castaway Kids Comic Book Adventure.

·        Looney Tooter (Zamperla Rio Grande – kiddie train ride) replaces Speedy Gonzales Speedway and Foghorn Leghorn Funasium in Looney Tunes Town.

·        Powder Keg is closed.

·        Admission this year is $29.95.


·        Mr. Freeze (Premier LIM roller coaster) opens.

·        Enchanted Carousel name changed back to Grand Ole Carousel.

·        Eagle’s Bluff (extra charge rock climbing wall) opens in Choteau’s Market section.

·        Ninja repainted with black track and grayish supports.



·        Hurricane Harbor (Aquatic Amusement Associates, Ltd.12 acre Tahitian themed water park) opens in parking lot, takes over catered picnic facility, rides include:

o       Big Kahuna (Proslide Technology Inc. “Colorado Series”) – family raft ride

o       3 speed slides (Proslide Technology Inc. “Cook Series”) – Geronimo Falls (green straight speed slide), Kontiki Falls and Wahini Falls (red and blue twisting speed slides)

o       4 tube slides (Proslide Technology Inc. “Zambezi Series”) Piranha (red) and Man-O-War (yellow) partially enclosed, Hammerhead (green) and Stingray (teal) completely enclosed

o       Gulley Washer Creek – lazy river

o      Hurricane Bay – wave pool

o       Hook’s Lagoon (Koala Play Group Discovery Treehouse with slides from Proslide Technology Inc.) – family activity area

·        Speed O’ Drome Go-Karts (J & J Amusements extra charge go-karts) opens in Britannia section.

·        Moon Antique Cars track shortened, because of movement of catered picnic facility.

·        Country Fair special event ends.

·       Admission is $34.99.  Attendance this year is 2.05 million.


·        The Boss (CCI wooden roller coaster) opens in Britannia section.

·        Crazy Maze (kiddie maze) replaces Road Runner Rally and Porky Pig B-B-B Ball Park in Looney Tunes Town.

·        Castaway Kids Comic Book Adventure closed.

·       Admission this year is $38.99.


·        Log Flume name changed to The Ice Mountain Splash.

·        Turbo Bungy (Eurobungy extra charge bungee/trampoline) and Virtual Theater (Ham On Rye VR, extra charge) added in Warner Bros. Backlot section.

·       Richard Rodriquez rides The Boss for 100 consecutive
days (May 3 - August 10) to set a new world record for roller coaster endurance riding.

·       Admission this year is $36.99.  Attendance is 1.86 million.


·        Warner Bros. Backlot section changed to Studio Backlot section

·        Scooby-Doo! Ghostblasters – The Mystery Of The Scary Swamp (Sally Corp. interactive family dark ride) replaces Castaway Kids in DC Comics Plaza.

·        Slingshot (Funtime Sling Shot extra charge attraction) added in front of Sound Stage #2 in Studio Backlot section. 

·        Speedy Gonzales Speedway (kiddie spinning car ride) opens where Tweety’s Flying Cages was located in Looney Tunes Town.

·        Tweety’s Flying Cages moved to center of Looney Tunes Town.

·        Crazy Maze name changed to Mavin’s Maze.

·        Mr. Freeze trains redesigned to have lap bars only.

·        Country Fair special event returns.

·        Fast Lane - Technology by Lo-Q (extra charge virtual line queuing system) added to The Boss, Batman: The Ride, Ninja, Mr. Freeze, River King Mine Train, Tidal Wave, The Ice Mountain Splash, Thunder River and Scooby-Doo! Ghostblasters – The Mystery of the Scary Swamp, also used on Haunted Hayride during Fright Fest.

·        Admission this year is $38.99.


·        XCALIBUR (Ronald Bussink Professional Rides Evolution), moved from Six Flags Great Adventure, replaces Great Escape arcade in Britannia section.

·        1st drop of Screamin’ Eagle re-tracked.

·        Country Fair special event cancelled/end.

·        Admission this year is $38.99.  Attendance is 1.67 million.


·        Several sections of The Boss re-tracked.

·        Re-tracking continues on the Screamin’ Eagle.

·        Other various general park improvements.

·        Fast Lane - Technology by Lo-Q (extra charge virtual line queuing system) added to The Palace and Miss Kitty’s (preferred seating at shows).

·        Six people ride Colossus for 72 straight hours (June
15 - 19) to set a new Guinness world record for riding
a Ferris Wheel (originally 12 people were to be

·        Admission this year is $39.99.  Parking is $8.00. 


·        Tornado (Proslide Technology Inc. Tornado) – funnel shaped tube slide that uses four person cloverleaf or two person "whirl wheel" tubes added in Hurricane Harbor.

·        Virtual Theater renamed 4-D Theater.

·        Colossus is repainted.

·        Re-tracking continues on the 2nd half of the Screamin’ Eagle.

·        Other various general park improvements.

·        Admission this year is $41.99.  Parking is $10.00.


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