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8/78/7/2005 Updates:

Minor updates to the following timelines:  SFSL, SFGAm, SFoT, SFoG, SFMM, SFFT, SFNE, BGW, SFEG and SFKK.  Thanks to SFZIP, Jonathan Fields and Phill for their contributions!

6/13/2005 Updates:

Minor updates to the following timelines:  PCW, SFSL, SFKK, SFA and SFDL.  Special thanks to Kevin Reid from PCWjunkies for allowing us to use their PCW ride logos, even after we unintentionally used them without permission.  Thanks again, Kevin!

4/23/2005 Updates:

PARAMOUNT'S KING ISLAND:  Brochure scan for 2005.  Thanks to Gary Johannsen!

SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA:  Brochure scans for 2004 & 2005.  Thanks to Zach!

SIX FLAGS KENTUCKY KINGDOM:  2005 updates.  Thanks to Jonathan Fields!

Plus updates for SFSL, SFA, SFMW, and SFNE.  Thanks to SFZIP!

3/26/2005 Updates:

CEDAR POINT:  Brochure scans for these  years:  1976, 1980, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1995 and 2000.  Thanks to Mark Harris for CP, SFGAm, PKD & SFKK scans! 

SIX FLAGS ST. LOUIS:  Brochure scan for 1974, plus timeline updates.

SIX FLAGS ELITCH GARDENS:  Timeline updates for 2005.

SIX FLAGS FIESTA TEXAS:  Timeline updates for 2005.

SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA:  Brochure scans for 1983 & 1984.

PARAMOUNT'S KINGS DOMINION:  Brochure scans for 1981 & 1982.

SIX FLAGS KENTUCKY KINGDOM:  Brochure scan for 1997.


 Featured Timelines  

  In 1979, Kings Island unleashed The Beast on unsuspecting park goers.  This mammoth terrain woodie became an instant classic and even today, 20+ years later, very few roller coasters can match the almost religious night-time ride on "Papa."  Hurdling through a near pitch-black forest turns an already good ride into an "absolutely can't miss" experience.
  Opened in 1972 as a replacement for Cincinnati's Coney Island, the park enjoyed instant national attention and was featured in episodes of The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family.
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  Santa Claus Land opened as the world's first theme park in 1946, nearly a decade before Disneyland's debut.  Mainly a draw for children for many years, the park made its move toward attracting whole families in 1984 when it underwent major expansion and was rechristened as Holiday World.  A water park in 1993 brought the crowds, but it was the addition in 1995 of The Raven roller coaster that began to draw national attention and coaster enthusiasts from all over the world.  With the installation of The Legend in 2000, Holiday World has a 1-2 punch of wooden coasters that's almost unbeatable!
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  Six Flags Over Mid-America opened in 1971, on a wooded hillside in the small town of Eureka, Missouri (about 30 miles southwest of St. Louis).  The park was the 3rd and final Six Flags theme park built from scratch.  In 1996, for it's 25th anniversary, the park's name was changed to Six Flags St. Louis.
  Today, Six Flags St. Louis has 7 roller coasters (including two of the largest wooden coasters anywhere) and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is included in admission to the park.
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  Opened in 1987 on a mere 10-acres, Kentucky Kingdom had a disastrous first season and promptly filed for bankruptcy.  After auctioning off nearly everything, the park changed hands, purchased more thrilling rides, and tried again in 1990.  Now dubbed "The Thrill Park," Kentucky Kingdom's second attempt proved to be a roaring success, and the park climbed to over one million in yearly attendance by the mid '90s.  In 1997, the park was sold for $64 million and was renamed Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in June of 1998.
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